Prolite Saddlestay Pad
Prolite Saddlestay Pad

Ultra-lightweight and shaped to fit the saddle. Place it directly against the back to stop both saddle and saddlecloth moving, or use under the saddle if the saddlecloth tends to slide out. For maximum saddle stability for cross-country or showjumping, sandwich the saddlecloth between two of these pads....

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Prolite Rear Riser Pad
Prolite Rear Riser Pad

The Prolite rear riser pad allows the balance of a saddle to be altered. Graduated extra-thick Prolite towards the rear of this riser pad helps balance a saddle that tends to tip back, freeing up the hindquarters. Prolite is a revolutionary lightweight gel-foam that is 1/4 of the weight of traditional gels, but with the same shock absorbing and weight dispersal properties. Machine washable and dur...

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Prolite Pony Saddle Stay Pad (upto 15 1/2
Prolite Pony Saddle Stay Pad (upto 15 1/2" saddle)

The Prolite saddle stay pad for pony size saddles is a very lightweight pad approx only 1/4" thick, that is used to help prevent movement of the saddle on the horses back. It is ideal for round barreled ponies (particularly cob types that often have little or no wither either) to prevent the saddle slipping round the horse. This anti slip saddle pad can also be used to help prevent movement of the...

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